“P” is for Positive

High achievers have it figured out. They realize a properly trained mind, one that is focused on positive outcomes, leads to endless possibilities. Simply put, they are positive thinkers. Kysa is a master of positive thinking. In this presentation, she shares personal and professional tips on being positive and productive. Her accomplishments in the communications industry coupled with tried-and-true strategies will empower students to maximize their potential in and outside the classroom.

Got a Brain?: Developing Your #1 Tool for Success

This power-packed presentation will maximize your ability to think larger than life and become more productive personally and professionally. As a master of positive thinking, Kysa teaches practical and guaranteed-to-succeed steps to developing a positive mind and enjoying a fulfilling life. You will learn how to: harness your brainpower for increased creativity and productivity; cultivate your ability to THINK BIG; and activate long-lasting strategies for success.

God Bless the Positive Thinker

The ability to think is perhaps God’s greatest gift to us. Yet, often, a person’s progress is stalled due to negative thinking. This interactive presentation will condition your mind to believe and to achieve the abundant life God has promised you. It serves as a rally for faith-based organizations wanting to motivate members to accomplish specific goals. You will learn skills that enhance positive thinking and stimulate biblically-based mental habits for increased creativity and productivity in your spiritual, personal and professional lives.